10 Academy is an intensive post-graduate programme which will identify, train and launch high potential young African university graduates (10 Academy Fellows) into careers where they have the opportunity to have extraordinarily large (10x) impact.  The pilot edition takes place at Ashesi University (Ghana) in July 2017 with 22 students from 15 countries across Africa.

10 Academy is a project of Infinite Potentials Consulting (IPC) in partnership with Ashesi University.  10 Academy is a non-profit initiative.

For Fellows

Make growth happen at scale in Africa.  Learn about the bleeding edge of modern skills.  Work with others as hungry as you are.  Get a job with leading companies needing your skills to implement their big ideas.  Deliver results. Launch your career.

For Employers

Africa offers enormous opportunities, and challenges.  10 Academy graduates will be among Africa’s brightest university graduates.  Hire them for an internship and let them loose to build and deliver full-stack solutions.

Fellows admitted to 10 Academy

% of Fellows receiving paid internships

Tuition fees and living costs to attend programme

%age female Fellows

10 Academy Pilot Programme Announced

10 Academy’s pilot programme takes place July 2017 in Ghana, in partnership with Ashesi University.

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More about 10 Academy

10 Academy was conceived to create a pipeline of young African builders who are able to combine high cognitive ability, strong work ethic, passion for delivering results and knowledge of technology. We believe that this combination of attributes results in a special type of person that is able to build and deliver results that are 10x more impactful that the average person – we call them 10 Academy Fellows. We believe that in order for Africa to succeed in implementing all the projects she is proposing, it is this generation of people that is required.  Our vision sees this community of youth working together to lead major projects across Africa, driving forward the continent to realize its potential.

10 Academy Fellows will receive free tuition, accommodation and food covered for the duration of the course and will take part in an intensive, residential 1-month long programme through which they will work closely together to learn modern skills, work on a real-world project with potential for major impact and develop into a community of aligned and passionate youth working for development in Africa.

Each 10 Academy Fellow will take up a 6-month paid internship after the programme and 10 Academy is in discussions with a number of leading companies working in Africa to provide internships.

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