About 10 Academy

10 Academy is a non-profit programme seeking to contribute to rapid transformation in Africa


10 Academy is a non-profit initiative.

Supporting Africa's growth

By connecting Africa’s top talent with companies with big ideas, we foresee progress being made.

10 Academy is an intensive post-graduate programme which will identify, train and launch extremely high potential young African university graduates into careers where they have the opportunity to have extraordinarily large (10x) impact.  The pilot edition takes place in partnership with Ashesi University in Ghana in July 2017 with 22 students from 15 countries across Africa.

10 Academy is a project of Infinite Potentials Consulting (IPC) and the pilot edition will take place in partnership with Ashesi University.


To go from promise to progress in Africa, the continent needs to be able to effectively empower its young people with the highest potential into positions where they can contribute maximally.  Effective systems to identify the highest potential young people and to stream them into challenging opportunities exist in most major regions of the world, with Africa being a notable exception.

Scientific research conclusively demonstrates that the top performers in an institution can have more than 10x the impact of a typical employee.  These high potentials, unleashed, could have outsized impact across the continent, especially when enabled by today’s modern technology.

Pilot Programme

The first pilot for 10 Academy takes place in July 2017 with an inaugural class of 22 students from across Africa.

Scale and Sustainability

This model is specifically designed to be scalable across countries and to have rapid impact.  The vision for future years is to build on lessons learned from the first pilot programme and to expand the programme across the continent, utilizing the same identification, training and launching framework.

As the programme grows, students will be asked to contribute part of their paid internships to support 10 Academy, supporting financial sustainability.