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The 10 Academy team is building partnerships in the following areas:

  • Student selection – we are seeking partners to help identify the very highest potential university graduates in Africa.
  • Internships – 10 Academy participants offer the opportunity to join your institutions to take on usually ambitious and challenging projects, bringing their passion, intelligence and work ethic to bear on delivering solutions.
  • Sponsorship – As a non-profit initiative, 10 Academy is seeking financial support to launch the pilot project. 10 Academy ensures that all students receive free room and board, no tuition is charged and all students can access 10 Academy training.

To learn more about hiring a 10 Academy intern, contact Kondwani Kampenya

To partner with 10 Academy, contact Arun Sharma

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10 Academy is a project of Infinite Potentials Consulting.

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About Infinite Potentials Consulting (IPC)

IPC is a management consulting firm which provides international-class management consulting services to leading organizations working in Africa. The IPC team consists of Africa-based staff as well as Berlin-based staff with more than 75 years of combined professional experience. IPC specializes in sectors including Education, Healthcare, Energy and IT. IPC has worked with some of the world’s leading organizations to develop and implement their projects in Africa, delivering projects ranging from initial market entry strategies to launching new institutions with multi-national support.  More information available at