Application FAQs

Once you are accepted to become a 10 Academy Fellow, our team will help to facilitate the visa application process as far as possible.  Ghana now offers visa-on-arrivals to nationals of all African Union member countries.
Our 10 Academy Fellows must be able to commit to the entire fellowship, meaning the summer school taking place at Ashesi University in Ghana from July-August 2017,  as well as the 6-month internship which will ideally start right after the course at Ashesi. If you are unable to commit to these two parts of our programme, we encourage you to apply for the next 10 Academy in 2018.  If something changes once you've started the course, we'll figure something out together.
Yes - as long as you can provide a government issued document verifying your legal permanent residency in one of the 54 African countries.
Yes, you are still eligible to apply. As long as your undergraduate studies are completed by 30 June, 2017, the date of your graduation ceremony is inconsequential.
A valid form of identification is required to show proof of citizenship. Any government issued document verifying your citizenship or legal permanent residency is acceptable, such as a passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, permanent resident card, certificate of citizenship, national or village ID. However, we cannot accept expired IDs.
For the first two parts of the application, no recommdendation forms are required.

However, as a part of your application form, you will need to submit contact information of at least two current or past supervisors/professors or other valuable persons who know you will and who will act as your reference by speaking to one of our members of the 10 Academy team. If you have never had a supervisor for any paid or volunteer work, please use a professor or other contact who can speak to your work.
The 10 Academy team, together with select external experts, conducts all rounds of selection, including application review and interviews.
Simply becaus it needed doing! To go from promise to progress in Africa, the continent needs to be able to effectively empower its young people with the highest potential into positions where they can contribute maximally. Effective systems to identify the highest potential young people and to stream them into challenging opportunities exist in most major regions of the world, with Africa being a notable gap. Scientific research conclusively demonstrates that the top performers in an institution can have more than 10x the impact of a typical employee. These high potentials, unleashed, could have outsized impact across the continent, especially when enabled by today’s modern technology. Africa's population of young people between the ages of 10-24 is currently estimated at 370 million. This means a huge potential for the African continent. We want to use this potential and 10 Academy is only one step we plan to take.
There is no tuition fee and we are working to raise funds to cover all accommodation and meals during the 10 Academy course. During the 6-month internship in the private sector after the training course students will receive a stipend directly from the internship-granting agency that should be comfortably sufficient to cover living and travel costs.
Applications open on 1 Febraury 2017 and close on 31 March 2017. The 10 Academy programme begins in July 2017. You can find the full admissions timeline on our website, including when applicants will receive updates from 10 Academy on the status of their application.  
Part 1 of the application will open on February 1, 2017, at which time you may begin to fill out our registration form on our website: Part 2 of the application will start once you have completed the registration form. After you have successfully submitted Part 1 of the application (the on-line form), you will receive an email with further instructions as well as the full application document. Please submit this form together with your resume and your university transcript as ONE PDF file back to us: [email protected]. Applications close March 31, 2017, and we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.   Part 3 of the application will start in May 2017: All semi-finalists will receive an invitation for further screening. After successful completion, you will be invited to take part in an interview with our 10 Academy team which will be conducted over Skype. This 15 minute interview is used to assess your English conversational skills as well as your personal development, motivation, and ability to work as part of a group.