Academic Programme

10 Academy’s 2018 academic programme is under development.  It is anticipated that the program will focus on Data Science and project challenges will focus on healthcare challenges.  An overview of the program is provided below.

What Data Science?  Data is the new oil. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the nuclear equivalent of the 21 century. The fourth industrial revolution (4IR), a revolution made possible by big data and artificial intelligence, is going to radically transform the way manufacturers and service providers operate. Advances in connectivity by the internet-of-things, data processing capability by machine learning, and flexible automation by industrial robots, will dramatically transform the way humans live and create up to $3.7 trillion in value by 2025 [REF]. 10AC’s focus on Data science, which is at the heart of the 4IR, is, therefore, the acknowledgment of this fact.

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Introduction & African Opportunities

Content Description:
• Data-driven views of challenges and opportunities in Africa
• Role of builders in global development
• Africa and the 4th Industrial Revolution and role of young Africans in this revolution
• Role of technology as an accelerator.
Design Thinking

Content Description:
• Introduction to Teamwork
• Introduction to Creativity
• Introduction to Design Thinking
• Introduction to Problem Spaces, Problem Space Mapping
• Role Playing Exercise
• (Re)Framing/Design Thinking
• Analysis Frameworks
• Introduction to Ideation
• Introduction to Disney’s Three Rooms (D3R)
• Introduction to Storytelling + Pitching
Healthcare: Challenges and Opportunities in AfricaProject work
Planning out your Career and Impact (Countries of the Future)

Content Description:
• Reaching your maximum potential across your life.
• Going from ideas to action.
• Taking the first steps - starting your idea and finding a team
Probability ThinkingCoding and Commercial Software Development

Content Description:
Agile methodology is a form of software methodology
that seeks an end to traditional (old school?) methodologies such as
the waterfall method and helps teams execute changes incrementally
and iteratively.
The aim of this course is to take the students through a well-structured
typical week in a startup heavily revolved around the agile setup.

The course is aimed at
practicality and running
the students through a single cycle of an agile team: sprint planning, execution,
daily standups, sprint deliverable and sprint retrospective.
Project launches
Entrepreneurship and Business Management

Content Description:
• Business planning for projects
• Basic organizational design
• Startup finances/budgeting
• Marketing
• Project Management
• Branding
Problem FormulationAI and Machine Learning

Content Description:
Participants got an introduction
to machine learning
with focus on the two main problems with machine learning. Participants
learned about Deep Learning
and its uses; Deep learning frameworks; and the integration of deep learning frameworks
with other
machine learning methods.
Communication Campaigns for Impact

Content Description: Developing video campaigns to communicate problems as ‘your big idea’