Why apply to 10 Academy

Why apply to be a 10 Academy Fellow?


The premise behind 10 Academy is simple.

  • We believe that there are a set of large, complex problems which exist in Africa which, when solved, will lead to tremendous human impact.
  • We believe that the biggest impediment to implementing these solutions is that the people who would build and implement solutions (we call them ‘builders’) have not been identified and thus are not working on these problems.
  • We believe that the very highest potential talent, working with modern skills and as part of a passionate community, can have 10x the impact of the average.

As a 10 Academy Fellow, you bring your intelligence, work ethic, passion for success and bias to action for 1 month of intensive residential training.  As part of the training, you will undertake group work on a project solving a real company problem and make life-long collaborators and colleagues.  10 Academy is working to build a pipeline of hiring partners for paid internships post-training, to launch your career.


The programme is divided in two parts: The first is an intensive, residential course and the second part is a 6-month paid internship in the private sector.

During the course, you will undertake an intensive, residential month-long training with taught and project phases. The taught portion will cover modern skills including design thinking, big data analysis, making and rapid prototyping, entrepreneurship and management, software development and economics.  This phase will give you the opportunity to put the mix of your skills into practice, taking a major challenge in Africa and, in a small group, developing a potentially implementable solution within the period.


Each 10 Academy Fellow is expected to take up a 6-month paid internship in the private sector.  As a 10 Academy Fellow, these companies will look to you to deliver new, transformative projects that will challenge you.

What is a 10x builder?

Builders get things done.  Builders take ideas, recognize what the end-goal is and make them happen, from strategy to finance to staffing to implementation.  In a world where one needs inspiration and implementation, we see Africa having a huge implementation opportunity.

10x builders take implementation and using their mix of intelligence, work ethic, passion, modern skills and bias to just get it done, are able to become one of the elite group of people who achieve consistently off-the-charts  (10x) results.  This speed of delivery and scale of results is what is referred to as being a 10x builder.

A strong community, working together in collaborative competition

A resident, vibrant and continuous learning environment

A network of like-minded, ambitious students that will bring out your passion, intelligence and work ethic to bear on delivering solutions

The opportunity to join a private sector institution to take on ambitious and challenging projects

A unique chance to realize your potential and to identify your key strengths, qualities and interests

A certification of successful completion of 10 Academy