10 Academy is a new programme to identify, train and launch the careers of some of Africa’s highest potential fresh university graduates.

10 Academy seeks to identify young Africans from across the continent with the potential to become 10x builders.  To us, a builder is someone that takes responsibility for a big idea (or a BHAG) and makes it happen from structuring the idea through to delivering transformative impact.

We started this programme because we know both that these talented young people exist and that modern technology can dramatically increase the rate at which they can have impact.  We further believe it essential to support these young people in starting their careers through a challenging employment position, initially in the form of a 6-month paid internship.

What is the profile of a 10 Academy Fellow?

10 Academy Fellows are fresh university graduates from Africa, who will have completed their undergraduate studies in 2017 or 2018.  Each will have the following attributes:

  • Exhibit very high general cognitive ability.
  • Proven their very strong work ethic.
  • Demonstrated a passion for success and delivering results.
  • Have gained an understanding of and experience with modern skills (design thinking, coding, rapid prototyping and similar).

How does the hiring process work?

  • The 10 Academy team will facilitate the process but the final decision and employment agreement will be the company’s.
  • 10 Academy charges no fees for these employment placements.
  • The company develops a job description and 10 Academy will facilitate the student application process.  Through interviews and matching processes, students and companies will be matches and contracts will be found.

Why internships instead of entrepreneurship?

  • We believe that the vast majority of people need on-the-job experience (along with some income) in order to gain the skills necessary to be successful.  While ecosystems in places like Silicon Valley are strong enough to provide both skills and income allowing ventures to start without work experience, the African situation is not yet as developed.

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