Offer for Employers

What does 10 Academy offer employers?

Our goal is to contribute to the growth of your business in a new direction utilizing new technology and tapping into the talent pool of young people who are hungry for transformation and development. We are offering a fast, low-cost way to gain a competitive advantage over others in the sector

For Employers;

10 Academy provides you with pre-screened and strongly vetted talent pool that you require achieving your organizational goals;

  • We provide clear scoring of talent based on experience, personal attributes and specific skills.
  • We also support you to pick the best fit for your organization’s needs.
  • We eliminate the hustle to have skills gaps plugged in solid candidates

For Partners:

A key value-add of 10 Academy is the opportunity for businesses to present some of the systemic challenges in their organizations and have our fellows work on addressing them in teams. These projects are co-owned by both the enterprise and fellow and provide;

  • The potential for Intellectual Property generation and/or purchase
  • Opportunity to try to solve real company challenges in a time-bound hackathon fashion
  • Opportunity to try out new ideas by understanding the direction of future technology in Africa.
  • Gain insights from the ground on the African market and an opportunity to engage young people from across Africa.

Contact Arun Sharma for more information on hiring 10 Academy Fellows.