The Challenge

Unemployment has been a global phenomenon for many years. Countries all over continue to battle this challenge in their quest to facilitate economic empowerment. With 200 million people aged between 15 and 24 (youth bracket), Africa has the youngest population in the world. It is even reported per current trends that this figure would most likely double by 2045. Africa’s troubling youth unemployment situation is often told alongside the continents fast growing economy.

Unemployment levels are at a record time high in many African countries. The youth account for 60 % of all African unemployed.  This is an unacceptable reality especially on a continent with an impressive talented and creative pool of talent.

Despite the economic progress, Africa also faces huge challenges in the domains of healthcare, agriculture, energy, infrastructure etc. At 10 Academy, we believe, each of these is an opportunity for transformation and would require dedicated and well trained young people to achieve this.

Whilst governments continue to grapple around the scale of employment challenges data science presents a huge opportunity and benefit for Africa to unlock and invent solutions to its challenges whilst solving the unemployment canker through creation of jobs. Getting the millions of unemployed youth into good and well-paying jobs is extremely difficult, but achievable.

10 Academy’s approach is to use 10 Ac Fellows as builders – those that can build up initiatives that can employ others.