The Story

Africa has a low number of youth with access to opportunities that encourage them to utilize their skills and talents. Only 8 % go on to have tertiary education, leaving 92 % who then try to find odd jobs in some cases or find themselves in the informal sector.

With the help of technology, businesses all over the world are able to launch and scale up quickly with minimal startup cost whilst Africa also pays catch up in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Currently there exist an unquantifiable amount of education resources that the youth could tap into and gain relevant skills for the evolving job market and make great impact towards development.

We believe the future holds bright promises for the youth in Africa who have demonstrated potential and as such, would lead the transformation of today and tomorrows digital communities. 10 Academy is a post-graduate fellowship program aimed at building a pipeline of Africa’s highest potential young people, those that can have 10x the impact of their peers, solving real-world problems at speed and scale.